NZSC Mission Statement:

“To promote Best Practice in Health and Safety Management and Environmental Protection in all aspects of New Zealand life”


NZSC Objectives

a) Educate and inform communities, businesses and organisations about health, safety and environmental policies, issues and practices.

b) Work with educational institutions in the formulation of courses of study and research projects that will advance the availability of skills and ideas needed to find ongoing solutions to health, safety and environmental issues.

c) Encourage informed discussion, debate and research on solutions to health, safety and environmental issues among communities, organisational and business interests.

d) Work with local communities, interested organisations and businesses to produce and disseminate educational information through printed and electronically generated material, seminars, workshops and displays highlighting health, safety and environmental issues adversely affecting communities and businesses.

e) To liaise with key persons at community, business, government level and the media, to highlight health, safety and environmental educational and other issues and to advance realistic solutions.