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About Us

The NZ Safety Council Trust (CC32261) was established in 2002 to promote Best Practice in Health & Safety Management and Environmental Protection in all aspects of New Zealand life. We will raise standards and promote discussion through our Website and H&S Advisers, who will comment on current issues. We provide free Health & Safety Advice and Information.

Our Trustees

John Beattie ASA, RSP, Roanna Carran ASA, RSP, Toniette Salt ASA, RSP.

Board Members:

John Beattie MNZSC, RSP, ASA, René Darier MNZSC, RSP, ASA, Phillip Tse MNZSC, RSP, Kevin Thompson MNZSC, RSP, ASA, Syd Sykes MNZSC, RSP, ASA, Toniette Salt, MNZSC RSP, ASA, Karyn Beattie, MNZSC, ASA