About Us

The NZ Safety Council Trust (AK1225133) is a Registered Charitable Trust and was established in 2002 to promote Best Practice in Health & Safety Management and Environmental Protection in all aspects of New Zealand life. Each year the Board will discuss suitable projects for the Trust to raise and highlight community, social and industry safety issues with key persons at community, business, government level and the media. Past charitable work has centred around rail crossing safety for pedestrians, and smoke detector selection.

We will vigorously raise standards and promote discussion through our Face book, this Website, newsletters, conference presentations and will comment on current issues through our media liaison Board member. We provide free Health & Safety Advice and Information.

Our Trustees

Roanna Carran, RSP, Toniette Salt RSP. Rene Darrier, RSP

Board Members

John Beattie Fellow of NZSC, RSP, RSP, Phillip Tse MNZSC, Syd Sykes MNZSC, RSP, Jodi Wright,MNSC, RSP, Andy Loader MNSC, RSP, Anthony Stephenson, MNZSC BE(Melb), ME(Auck), FCQI, Toniette Salt, MNZSC, RSP, Karyn Beatie, MNZSC, Zoe Garrett, MNZSC, RSP, Shane Strode-Penny MNZSC